The transportion and distribution of products is becoming increasingly complex. Regulatory factors, cost pressures, increased service level expectations and flexibility demanded by customers, are all factors that challenge the traditional approach.

Supply chain and logistics has expanded far beyond the organization’s internal functions, combining activities of interconnected parties in various roles to service customer requirements. When all the cogs in this machine do not function as one, it impacts business performance significantly.

The planning and execution of logistics activities must be aligned and synchronized to support rapid decision making, enabling optimal responses in near real-time. This is exactly what we offer our clients; integrated, multi-party supply chain and logistics planning and execution management. The Logistics Control Tower (LCT) solutions have the following elements:

Analytics – Performance Analysis and Continuous Improvement
– Why are things happening?
– What could happen next?
– How can we improve?

Orchestration – Planning & Execution Management
– What is required?
– How can we do it best?
– Make it happen!

Visibility – Integration to Provide Real-Time Supply Chain Information
– What has been planned?
– What is being used or available?
– Where is this not happening?

We provide our Logistics Control Tower Solutions through:

LCT Software and Implementation services where we provide the technology and consulting services to design and implement the solution.
LCT Managed Services where we are contracted to manage the logistics activities on behalf of our Clients and they retain the commercial relationship with existing or new service providers.
Managed Logistics (3/4PL) where our Clients outsource selected transport and logistics functions to us in full.
Xapex Tribe or “Market Maker” that utilises our network of independent Execution Agents and intelligent Logistics matching platform

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